Regenerating Australian Farmland

We have already facilitated $100 million worth of carbon sequestration contracts for Australian farmers

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Project Scoping

Scoping your project for viability and then determining the best practice to sequestrate carbon in the most effective manner


Carbon Baselining

Measuring your existing soil carbon levels in accordance with the ERF rules

ERF Process

We take the strain of the  ERF paperwork and administrative process

Carbon Farming Education

Step by step courses and seminars on proven carbon farming techniques

Soil Carbon Management

Techniques and methods to increase your soil carbon levels

Management Packages

Structured management plans to increase the carbon sequestration on your farm

Improving Your Farm Via The Emission Reduction Fund

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Healthy soil makes for healthy profits

If you are interested in improving the health and quality of your farm soil, creating resilience to drought as well as increasing profits then we can help.

RAF Group have developed key management practices for Australian farmers to optimise the returns from carbon farming and carbon certificates
via the Emission Reduction Fund

Carbon Farming

Carbon farming refers to regenerative farming practices that deliberately optimise the draw down of atmospheric carbon into the soil to improve both the fertility and the health of the soil. Rotational farming, biological fertiliser and livestock management are some of the many available carbon farming techniques.


The Australian Government’s ‘Emission Reduction Fund’ is aimed at proving a net reduction in carbon emissions. Soil carbon sequestration is an approved practice under the ERF regulations. Sequestration is the absorption and storage of carbon within the soil

Carbon Certificates

The ERF carbon certificate contracts are delivered by the increasing amount of carbon measured over the contract period. Carbon sequestration improves the soil quality so you win both ways.



Facilitated for Australian farmers by RAF Group

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